3D Full Cell

Key advantages to Prieto’s 3D battery architecture…

  • Single device that combines ultra-capacitor power with Li-ion energy storage
  • Energy and power density can be decoupled and customized with each application. This is impossible with a 2D structure.
  • Low cost manufacturing at scale
  • Safer with no liquid electrolyte
  • Operates over a large range of temperatures
  • Eliminates excessive packaging for small form factors
  • Provides custom shapes and sizes
  • Performs well in thinner cell structures

“Some of the biggest names in consumer electronics sector—Apple, LG, Nokia, etc.—continue to display a growing interest in thin battery technology.” ~ Nanomarkets Report 2015

Here’s how Prieto helps companies innovate…

  • Batteries can be shaped to fit spaces that are inaccessible to traditional batteries
  • Performance characteristics that have the potential to significantly exceed traditional options for cutting edge applications
  • Make it safer, for less 
  • Well thought out science backed by a team that delivers

We are targeting applications where we can make a transformational difference and provide market advantage. Here are the sectors where we think we can make an impact.

Power Tools

  • More power
  • Charge quickly
  • Lasts longer

Military Applications

  • Safer
  • Quick Charging

Industrial and Healthcare Solutions

  • Operates in high temperatures without degradation (autoclavable or down-the-hole applications) as well as low temperatures (-30 ºC)
  • Safety is key for health care devices

 Electric Vehicles

  • Exciting focus on path to meeting USABC’s (US Advanced Battery Consortium) targets
  • Enabling a new design of EVs with improved efficiency, improved safety, and lower cost.

Prieto is actively seeking partnerships in the above market segments. Contact us if you want to change the world together.