Stanley Black & Decker Bets On Foam “Superbattery” Energy Storage Revolution

August 19, 2021

Everybody is talking about solid state batteries nowadays, but it looks like Stanley Black & Decker got the jump on all of them. The company, which sounds like a law firm but is best known as a purveyor of motorized hand tools and other equipment, took a plunge into the solid state battery field through the little known Colorado startup Prieto Battery back in 2016. Now it looks like all that hard work is about to pay off. Read the CleanTechnica Story.

Can solid state batteries power up for the next generation of EVs?

February 24, 2021

Lithium-ion batteries power almost every new phone, laptop and electric vehicle. But unlike processors or solar panels, which have improved exponentially, lithium-ion batteries have inched along with only incremental gains.

For the last decade, developers of solid state battery systems have promised products that are vastly safer, lighter and more powerful. Those promises largely evaporated into the ether — leaving behind a vapor stream of disappointing products, failed startups and retreating release dates.

A new wave of companies and technologies are finally maturing and attracting the funding necessary to feed batteries’ biggest market: transportation. Read the TechCruch article.

New Foam Batteries Promise Fast Charging, Higher Capacity

October 26, 2015

From the MIT Technology Review story

3-D batteries could be cheaper to make, faster to charge, safer, smaller, and less environmentally toxic than conventional batteries. What’s more, because they can be made lightweight, flexible, and in an almost limitless variety of shapes, they could offer energy storage applications previously unimaginable.

Read the MIT Technology Review Story.

How to Make Battery Power More Powerful

April 15, 2015

From Popular Mechanics’ September 2014 cover story

The lithium-ion batteries powering our lives are in need of a major innovation—or a full-on replacement. But decades of research have produced few viable solutions. Until now. Read the Popular Mechanics story.

Colorado awards nearly $3 million to support innovation through Advanced Industries Accelerator Grant Program

April 1, 2015

Gov. John Hickenlooper and the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) announced the first round of grantees of the Advanced Industries Accelerator Grant Program.

The entire story is available at