About Prieto

Charge Faster. Run Longer. Live More Powerfully.

Life and technology move so quickly these days that current battery technology can hardly keep up. While the electronic devices that power our lives get exponentially smarter, the batteries that power them improve only marginally. The world needs a battery as powerful as the human imagination.

Prieto’s 3D Li-ion Battery has the Power to Change the World.

There are few inventions in the last one hundred years that have the ability to impact the lives of every person on earth. With application to everything from e-bikes to electronics and more, Prieto Battery is revolutionizing how we power our lives. The future of batteries is within reach.

Creating the Most Advanced Rechargeable Battery.

Battery technology has realized only single-digit improvements in performance over the last decade. Many companies are trying to improve certain parts of the lithium-ion battery technology but here at Prieto Battery, we decided to redesign the entire architecture. And so far the results have been promising, Prieto Battery is poised to commercialize a battery that will deliver transformational performance in power density, improved energy density, last longer and will be made using non-toxic chemistry. Join the revolution.