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Prieto Teams up with Intel
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Purely a better process

Simply a better battery

Prieto 3D Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

Prieto is poised to commercialize a battery that will deliver

transformational performance.

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Very high power density

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Long cycle life

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Greater energy density

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How Prieto 3D Batteries Work

How They Work

A Technological Breakthrough In

3D Battery Architecture

Sample Ready

Prieto's initial offer is a sample-ready negative electrode (anode), with the ultimate goal of delivering a 3D full cell. Our fully operational R&D prototype line is equipped, staffed and producing functioning solid state cells at room temperature.

The Latest Buzz from Prieto Battery

Prieto Battery Teams Up With Intel To Advance Rechargeable Battery Solutions In Computing Devices

November 3, 2015 Fort Collins, CO – Prieto Battery, an advanced 3D Lithium Ion battery technology, today announced its business collaboration with Intel’s New Business Group and initial investment from Intel Capital at the annual Intel Capital Global Summit in San Diego. The primary focus of this collaboration with Intel is to accelerate the introduction of Prieto’s full 3D solid-state battery cell into the marketplace. Specifically, Prieto has agreed to complete a series of milestones designed by Intel and Prieto to demonstrate the company’s battery performance and readiness, with a focus on improving the performance of the battery against size, energy density, and complexity vectors. Intel will be staging their investment to each milestone; and in exchange, Prieto is granting Intel the ability to implement the technology first in computing devices. Read the full press release.

New Foam Batteries Promise Fast Charging, Higher Capacity

From the MIT Technology Review story

3-D batteries could be cheaper to make, faster to charge, safer, smaller, and less environmentally toxic than conventional batteries. What’s more, because they can be made lightweight, flexible, and in an almost limitless variety of shapes, they could offer energy storage applications previously unimaginable. Read the MIT Technology Review Story.

Seeking Partners

Prieto is actively seeking partners to help its acceleration into the marketplace. We want to collaborate with partners along the supply chain that believe in innovation and have the capacity to implement it. If you’re interested in discussing how we can help your company innovate, visit our Products Page.

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The discovery of the next key breakthroughs in the (battery) field could mean not just a fortune for a handful of companies but the remaking of whole economies and the rebalancing of geopolitical power that typically accompanies such shifts.

Foreign Policy, Nov 2010

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